Working Harder Than Ever

Now that our season of Steam Days is over for another year, the regular Saturday and Tuesday work squads are working harder than ever to carry out all of the maintenance work that is necessary for us to operate again next year.

Essential refurbishment to the railway line leading from the Loco Shed down to our running line is ongoing, with about half of the job done. We prefer to work with a relatively small, and therefore manageable, track gang of six hardy souls, and already progress has been most satisfactory.

Meanwhile, Andrew Barclay diesel loco No. 347 built in 1941 continues to be repainted, and is really beginning to look great. We’re all looking forward to seeing this engine repaint completed in the near future.

Steam engine No. 10, another Andrew Barclay built loco, is in the process of having an air braking system fitted, so that it will be able to operate with our ex LMS Inspection Saloon.

One of our members has been busy over the past year or so working on refurbishing one of our three steel mineral waggons, and it too, is really beginning to come together.

Another member has been repointing those parts of the Loco Shed requiring attention, with great success.

So you can see, we have a multitude of tasks which are currently being worked on, and which will continue throughout the Autumn and Winter months, so that the Scottish Industrial Railway Centre will be open for business once more in May 2016.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting and worthwhile project, please get in touch with our Chairman, Archie Thom, on 01292 269260, or our Secretary, Gordon Thomson, on 01292 313579.  Please telephone in the evenings only.





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