Stock List

We have an extensive stock list, much of it housed with the group and some on loan to other preserved steam railways. You can find more pictures of many of these in our gallery.


Standard Gauge Diesel Locomotives

Although not all built in Scotland, most have Scottish connections.

  1. Powfoot No 1 : 0-4-0DM : AB 347/1941. Last worked commercially at Nobel’s Explosives/Royal Ordnance, Powfoot, Annan, Dumfriesshire. Based at Dunaskin, in working order. Recently repainted.
  2. Yard No AC118 M3571 : 0-4-0DM : AB 366/1943. Last worked Royal Naval Armament Depot, Beith, Ayrshire.  This locomotive suffered considerable damage at the hands of scrap metal thieves, and has now gone completely.
  3. BP No 7 144-7 : 0-4-0DM : AB 399/1959. Last worked commercially at BP Refinery, Grangemouth.  Now based at Dunaskin. Having suffered vandal damage, this locomotive is now undergoing a complete overhaul. The engine and exhaust system have been overhauled; a new radiator is now required, and the driver controls will have to be rebuilt. A full paint job will complete the process. Estimated completion date : summer 2019.
  4. Yard No 107 : 0-4-0DM : Hunslet Engine Co 3132/1944. Last worked Royal Naval Armament Depot, Crombie, Fife. Now awaiting restoration at Dunaskin.
  5. Yard No BE116 DY322 : 4W DM : Ruston and Hornsby 224352/1943.
    Last worked Royal Naval Armament Depot, Beith, Ayrshire. On static display at Dunaskin.
  6. M/C 324 “Blinkin Bess” : 4W DM : R & H 284839/1950. Last worked Cochrane Boiler Works, Annan, Dumfriesshire. This was the first locomotive to be preserved by ARPG. Now awaiting restoration at Dunaskin.
  7. “Johnnie Walker” : 4W DM : R & H 417890/1959. Last worked John Walker, Scotch Whisky Blenders, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Based at Dunaskin, partially restored. Presently being considered for full restoration.
  8. R & H 0-4-0 DM 421697/1959. Last worked Andrew Barclay Sons and Co, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. Frames and engine only. Suffered massive damage at the hands of scrap metal thieves; now gone completely.
  9. Sentinel 4W DH 10012/1959. Last worked British Coal Opencast Executive, Killoch Disposal Point, Ayrshire. This was the only diesel to work commercially on the Waterside system after the end of steam. Based at Dunaskin, in working order.
  10. “Tees Storage” : 0-4-0DH : North British 27644/1959. Last worked Tees Storage Co Ltd, Middlesborough, Teeside. Based at Dunaskin, awaiting repair.
  11. Fowler  22888 built 1939 New to  Royal Ordnance Factory, Bridgend , Glamorgan. 1951 to Colvilles Clyde Ironworks as No.1, via J.Fowlers. 1957 to Colvilles Mossend Engineering works, still as No.1, called Lily of the Valley. 29/3/70 to British Steel Corp.
     General Steels Divn. To ARPG  28/2/1981; stored at Dunaskin, awaiting restoration.
  12. Donelli People Mover : 4W DMR : Donelli (Reggio, Italy) 163/1979. Last worked British Steel Ravenscraig Works, Lanarkshire. In store at Dunaskin.

Steam Locomotives

All of our steam locomotives are products of Andrew Barclay, Sons and Co, Ltd,  Caledonia Works, Kilmarnock

  1. NCB No 16  :  0-4-0ST, AB 1116/1910.
    Former Dalmellington Iron Company loco.
    Last worked at Barony Colliery, Ayrshire. Cosmetically restored; on display in the Engineers Shop at Dunaskin.
  2. NCB No 8   :  0-6-0T,  AB 1296/1912.
    Ex Polkemmet Colliery, NCB Lothian Area. Sadly, the cab, bunker, tanks and side rods of this locomotive were stolen from Minnivey by scrap metal thieves. The frames, wheels, cylinders and boiler survive. In 2017 the remains of this locomotive were sold on to a new owner who intends to restore it to steam; it has now left our site.
  3. NCB No 19  :  0-4-0ST,  AB 1614/1918.
    Former Dalmellington Iron Company loco. Last worked at Dunaskin. Currently awaiting cosmetic restoration  at Dunaskin.
  4. Shell Refining Co No 8 : 0-4-0 Fireless, AB 1952/1928.
    Last worked at Shell Refinery, Ardrossan, where it was the last commercially worked steam locomotive in Scotland. Restoration of this unusual loco has now been completed and it was steamed for the first time in July 2015. Now regularly steamed on selected open days at Dunaskin.
  5. NCB No 10  : 0-4-0ST  : AB 2244/1947.
    Always a Dunaskin locomotive, apart from a short spell after Pennyvenie closed. Now fully restored and with a replacement boiler, this locomotive is the Group’s regular working engine.
  6. NCB No 23  : 0-4-0ST  : AB 2260/1949.
    Originally a Fife area locomotive, it last worked at Bedlay Colliery, Lanarkshire. Recently cosmetically restored, on display at Dunaskin. Also being considered for full restoration, as of Oct 2015
  7. NCB No 25  : 0-6-0ST  : AB 2358/1954. Ex Polkemmet Colliery, NCB Lothian Area. In store at Dunaskin, awaiting cosmetic restoration.
  8. NCB No 1   : 0-4-0ST  : AB 2368/1955. Last worked at Cairnhill Colliery, Ayrshire. Now in store at Dunaskin, awaiting restoration. In 2015 this locomotive was assessed for full restoration, but this was deemed to be impracticable at the present time.

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