Locomotive News – May 06

Having been removed from the frames of Number 19, the boiler was seen by both the inspector and a representative of our chosen firm of boiler makers. It was passed as suitable for a re-tube, subject to some minor repairs, for example re-tapping of plugholes.

It has now been removed to Nicol Boilers in Shotts, Lanarkshire, where good progress is believed to be being made.

The opportunity was taken while there was a crane on site to turn Number 10 and the brakevan to face the historical “right way” for Waterside working.

Meantime, Number 10’s failed boiler has been put into Number 19’s frames; the latter will be put back together for static display in due course. The opportunity is being taken to give Number 10’s frames a thorough clean and repaint, with repair and overhaul where necessary.

The rumour (mentioned in David L Smith’s book The Dalmellington Iron Company – its Engines and Men) that Number 10 was originally painted green, in spite of having been delivered “new” to Waterside in black livery, has been proved to be true; there are clear signs of green paint underneath the black, where flaky paint has been washed off. See new pictures in gallery.

The Sentinel’s exhaust system has been repaired and all the engine casing put back in place. The locomotive is now back in regular service and running well, although some work remains to be done – most urgently, attention to an air leak affecting the braking system. The cab interior and doors also await finishing. There are recent pictures of the Sentinel now in the gallery.

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