Locomotive News – January 2006

Now that Number 19 has been successfully moved to the shed, work has begun on (a) de-tubing the boiler to enable a full cold inspection to be made, and (b) stripping down the tank and cab fixings to prepare for an eventual boiler lift.

As of Saturday 8th January, about half the boiler tubes had been removed. These have proved to be in “near-new” condition, confirming earlier theories that the locomotive had had a boiler overhaul shortly before withdrawal, which was premature due to a broken cylinder.

Freeing up of mountings etc is more or less complete, although an attempt to jack up the chimney proved fruitless, and it seems the chimney will have to lifted along with the tank.

Meantime, Number 10 has been made ready for her boiler lift, which will have to wait until a crane can be brought in. The defective boiler will be put straight into Number 19, so that it can go back on display.

Work on the Sentinel is nearing completion. The engine and clutch housing have been put back, and the engine was started up on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately it became immediately obvious that there is a major leak in the exhaust, which will have to be attended to before the locomotive can run. It may be necessary to fabricate a new silencer box; at the moment the old one has been sent to a local contractor for examination.

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