Locomotive News April 2011

Number 10 has been stripped down for its annual boiler exam. It is on track to be ready to steam on the first open day in May. Plans are in hand to repair leaks in the water tank, and hopefully this year will see a complete repaint.

Work continues on the Fireless locomotive. Unforeseen problems were detected in the course of stripping down, and this has prolonged the restoration process. New parts have had to be fabricated for the brake gear. However, it is hoped that the steam receiver will be hydraulically tested on the same occasion as Number 10’s annual boiler exam.

The Powfoot diesel continues to receive attention to its gearbox. Once again, new problems were discovered both on stripping down and while attempting to re-erect. New bearings have been ordered, and it is hoped this locomotive will be a runner again soon.

The “big Barclay” (BP Number 7) is a runner, although the vandalised dashboard can be difficult to work with. There are also signs of a radiator leak developing, which is bad news. It is hoped to give it a coat of paint this summer, which will go some way towards repairing the ravages of all those years spent in the open at Minnivey.

The Sentinel is also a runner, but there are still problems with its air supply system.

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