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Steam Day Sunday 26th June 2016

We’re glad to report that steam locomotive No. 10 has passed its annual hydraulic and steam exams, and will be seen in action on Sunday 26th June 2016.

No. 10 will be seen hauling our passenger-carrying brakevan, providing visitors to Dunaskin with a short trip on our demonstration track.

As an added bonus, our highly unusual Fireless locomotive will also be in action, and will be demonstrating a short goods train every hour on the hour (approx) for about ten minutes or so.

We will also have the services of East Ayrshire Countryside Rangers who will be providing FREE Rangers-led walks around the Dunaskin area. Walks will commence from the Shop on the Dunaskin site at 12 Noon, and then again at 2pm, and will last for about one hour. These walks are suitable for young families, but please wear sensible footwear and clothing.

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It’s All Systems GO !

The Scottish Industrial Railway Centre will be open to the public for the first time in 2016 this weekend, Sunday & Monday 29th & 30th May, from 11am – 4pm.

Steam locomotive No. 10 will be performing as usual, providing visitors with the thrill of a short hurl in our passenger-carrying brakevan.

Also in steam will be our unusual Fireless locomotive, the only working fireless engine in the UK. It will be seen approximately once per hour hauling a short demonstration goods train.

In conjunction with East Ayrshire Leisure, we are delighted to have a couple of Countryside Rangers leading walks around the Dunaskin site. These walks are suitable for families, and rough terrain buggies, but please come dressed for the weather, and with suitable footwear. Meet the Rangers at the Shop for 12 Noon and 2pm for a walk lasting about one hour in duration.

Our Souvenir Shop and Tea Room will be open, as will be our Museum, complete with a working steam powered Garden scale railway, a real must for children (of all ages).

Please also see our new website for even more information.

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Countryside Rangers join forces with ARPG

ARPG are delighted to report that East Ayrshire Leisure Trust Countryside Rangers will join ARPG during the next Steam Day on Sunday 29th May to guide visitors around some of the area surrounding the Scottish Industrial Railway Centre at Dunaskin.

Available to all, these walks will leave the Visitor Centre prompt at 12 noon and 2pm for a walk lasting approximately one hour in duration. And they’re FREE !

The Rangers will help visitors to Dunaskin to take a closer look at wildlife, with fun nature activities.

These walks are suitable for families with off-road buggies. Please make sure you wear suitable footwear and clothing.

These walks will be repeated on Sunday 26th June; Sunday 17th July and Sunday 21st August.

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No. 10 passes its Hydraulic Exam

The Group is pleased to report that our regular working steam locomotive has passed its  annual hydraulic exam in preparation for a full steam test.

This steam test will be carried out by the end of the month at the same time as the steam test of our Fireless locomotive.

The Scottish Industrial Railway Centre will therefore be open for business over the weekend of Sunday 29th and Monday 30th May.


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Start of Operating Season Delayed

Ayrshire Railway Preservation Group regrets to announce the delay to the start of our 2016 Operating Season. 

An unexpected repair to our steam locomotive, NCB No. 10, means that we cannot commence operations as planned at the beginning of May. These repairs are expected to be completed within the next two to three weeks, and mean that the first Steam Weekend of  the 2016 season will now be on Sunday and Monday 29 & 30 May.

The Group wishes to take this opportunity to express our disappointment over the delay, and trust that our loyal supporters will understand the reasons for the delay. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this will cause.

Please watch this space for further updates.

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Track Renewals Almost Completed

Replacement trackworks right outside our Loco Shed is now nearing completion, with all rails in place on roads 1, 2, 3 & 4, and first fix ballasting done on roads 1, 2 & 3.

Concreting work has been completed where the Loco Shed track joins onto the new tracks outside the Shed, and this is now sufficiently hardened to permit movement of stock out of the shed onto the newly relaid lines.

Stock movements were carried out yesterday, and No. 10 was moved from Road 3, where she has been stored over the winter months, to Road 1 in the Loco Shed, which is more convenient for the Boiler Inspector.

Picture 1200

Newly ballasted track outside the Loco Shed.


Picture 1239

Sentinel 10012 of 1959 shunts some of our rolling stock over the newly ballasted tracks. 29 Mar 2016

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ARPG Monthly Meeting Wed 6th Apr 2016

Our regular meeting this month will be on –

A selection of the late Roy Crombie’s slides, all taken in Scotland, with an emphasis on Ayrshire and Galloway, during the period 1955 – 1965. This should be a very interesting and entertaining evening. Hosted by Hamish Stevenson and David Hall.

Venue – Geordie’s Byre, 103 Main Street, Ayr, KA8 8BU, Wed 6 Apr at 7.30pm

Note – this meeting is open to non – members


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Steam Locomotive to be Restored ?

The Group are looking to increase the working steam fleet, so that we will have greater flexibility during our season of Steam Days.  For a number of years, we have relied solely on NCB No. 10, and she has performed most admirably. However, we recognise that to operate an entire season of Steam Days with only one working locomotive means we may on occasion, not be able to operate, should No. 10 fail for one reason or another.

It is with this in mind, that we are now looking seriously at our non restored locos with a view to selecting the next best candidate to  be restored to full working order. The current thinking is that NCB Fife Area No. 23 is the best candidate. Like all of our steam locomotives, No. 23 was built in Kilmarnock by Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co Ltd Works No. 2260 of 1949.

You will be aware our working members are heavily committed to replacing the four tracks leading up to the Loco Shed, and we cannot contemplate carrying out any work on No. 23 until the track laying operation is complete.  As soon as this work is completed, we have to prepare No. 10 for her annual cold and steam tests, and then we can look at No. 23.

If you might be interested in assisting Group members with this important task, please get in touch with either –

ARPG Chairman – Archie Thom on 01292 269 260 (evenings only, please) or

ARPG Secretary – Gordon Thomson on 01292 313 579 (evenings only, please).

Picture 1131

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Retaining Wall Collapse – Latest

Members will be aware the Scottish Industrial Railway Centre suffered from the collapse of a section of retaining wall next to the Loco Shed.

However, as it is necessary to complete the trackworks proceeding apace outside the Shed, we have not been able to devote a great deal of effort to resolving the issue of the wall.

Whilst the bricks have now all been recovered, about half of these have been cleaned of old mortar to permit their re-use in the rebuilding of the wall, which will begin in earnest as soon as sufficient resources are available.


The above picture shows the sheer volume of water pouring over the top of the retaining wall, during the recent storms. Part of the wall has already collapsed, and another section, nearest the camera, had to be taken down, as it was clearly unsafe.


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Track Renewal Progressing Well

Work to replace all four “roads” leading up to the Loco Shed is continuing apace, with most resources being spent to ensure this work is completed as soon as possible.

All of the old track has been lifted, and the entire area cleared of any remaining detritus, and already, the basis for the four new lines is in place. All of the sleepers are down, the rails are in place in their chairs, and we have fixed the chairs in place on one line.

Some rails have still to be cut in places, and then holes for the bolts to hold the fishplates in place will be required to be drilled, but is is proceeding quite nicely.

If you wish to assist in this rewarding task, please get in touch with our Chairman, Archie Thom, on 01292 269 260. The more people we have to help, the quicker this important task will be completed.

The old tracks leading up to the Loco Shed before removal. Note how the infill reaches up to the top of the rails.

The old tracks leading up to the Loco Shed before removal. Note how the infill reaches up to the top of the rails.

Picture 1070

View showing the relaying in progress, all tracks roughly in place, but still to be fastened to the sleepers.




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